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Author Topic: Layout question  (Read 3159 times)


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Layout question
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:29:30 AM »
I want to use my DL205 Ecomm100 to do all modbus work. I will be using a ERM in the same rack as the ecomm100. I will be using the EBC in each remote rack. Now the big question. Can I use the Ecomm100 in the main rack to do modbus for I/O in the remote racks? Just asking because the newer EBC have modbus. I plan on keeping the ERM/EBC ethernet segments on their own VLAN to keep I/O traffic off the main network.



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Re: Layout question
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 02:51:07 PM »
CAN you? Yes.  SHOULD you?  No.

The ERM/EBC protocol is optimized for doing I/O and reporting errors.

ECOM100 Modbus/TCP are NOT optimized for I/O (e.g. see how long it takes to report a TCP connection error - 30 seconds?).  You must write all the ladder logic and process all the mappings.  If your ECOM100 is doing ANYTHING else (DirectSOFT programming port, HMI port, etc.), ALL of this must CO-EXIST on the same I/O network, and the bandwidth of the ECOM100 must do this other processing, in addition to the RX/WX instruction requests from your ladder logic to update I/O.

Save yourself a ton of issues - use the ERM/EBCs on an isolated I/O network.  Use ECOM100 on a separate "data" network.