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Author Topic: Loss of Password on a D06  (Read 6860 times)


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Loss of Password on a D06
« on: August 27, 2008, 11:07:48 AM »
I use the DNLoader program to update and change existing programs in the field (via email).  This program has been great but recently I have encountered a problem.
When writing a program from DNLoader to a D06 (I have not attempted this on any other controllers as of yet) the program will ask (if you do not place the 06 in program mode) if you wish to have the DNLoader program change to the program mode and then back again to the run mode.  This would indeed simplify the procedure for the end-user.  Yet, if you answer yes, the program will load (correctly), but appears to erase the password on the controller.  This causes a couple of problems: if you attempt to reload the same or another program using DNLoader (since I always request that the DNLoader program's password match the controller password) and error will occur, and I prefer that the controller not be open to alterations by others. 
Was this an oversight with the latest version?  Can it be corrected please?


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Re: Loss of Password on a D06
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2008, 02:12:42 PM »
In my testing of this (before its release) I had these conditions:
     File Password: Yes, PSW1
     PLC Password: Yes, PSW1
     PLC keyswitch: TERM positiont
     PLC mode: RUN
     Password Match selection: Yes

As an "OEM" I did the following:
     (1) Press <Read PLC>: "PLC is locked...," DNLoader prompts for password
     (2) Entered password (PSW1), pressed <OK>... DNLoader reads PLC
     (3) Press <Write File>, enter password (PSW1)... DNLoader writes file

As a "customer" I did the following:
     (1) Press <Read File>... DNLoader reads file.
     (2) Press <Write PLC>... DNLoader says, "Attention! PLC is in RUN mode, but must be in PROGRAM mode to download. Mode will be reset to RUN following download. OK to go to PROGRAM mode?"
     (3) Press <OK>... PLC goes to PROGRAM mode for download, returns to RUN mode.

I confirmed that the PLC still had PSW1.

In other words... this is working for me.

Do you get different results as me when you follow the above steps?
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