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Author Topic: Do-More Connection Link Save Location  (Read 94 times)


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Do-More Connection Link Save Location
« on: November 20, 2023, 10:30:27 AM »
Hi all,

I have many PLCs that all follow the same connection scheme except for their name and IP address. I have a CSV of all the Names and their corresponding IP address'

From what i can tell when i use the link creation wizard it saves my connection locally as is documented in "Communication Links to PLC" section of the help manual. "The Links group contains icons representing communication links to Do-more CPUs that have been created by this copy of the software", this quote leads me to believe that the links and their information are saved locally somewhere and i should be able to access that file and paste in my connection details for all my systems.

My goal would be to access this file, find the structure that it needs to create a link, create my own version using my previously mentioned CSV, use my own version in place of the default one. This would allow me to skip the tedious process of going through the link creation wizard for all of my PLCs i have.

Does anyone know if this is feasible and if so where the Communication Links file might exist?



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Re: Do-More Connection Link Save Location
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2023, 11:10:43 AM »
Links should migrate when upgrading from one version to another.

However, if you are installing on a new PC, the "links file" can be copied from one PC to another.

The file is in the version-centric Do-more folder in Public Documents.

PUBLIC DOCUMENTS\Do-more\Designer_VERSION\Bin\DmDComm.rst

So, for Designer 2.9, the folder would be
the file path then is

When you copy it, make sure Designer is NOT running on neither the source nor the destination.

It's a proprietary binary file, so tweaking it is not recommended (or straight forward)

If you are constantly adding a bunch of new PLCs with a bunch of new IP Addresses, we have talked about adding an import mechanism - this would be easy to do for IP Address (Ethernet).  USB gets a little hairy (basically need the USB chip address - not assignable, not obvious).  Serial has too many parms to make it "easy" to import.  IP Address is basically the Link name and the IP Address - that's it.  The only "hard" part would be handling name conflicts (you can have multiple links w/same IP Address, but you can't have multiple links w/same name).

The new Select Connection dialog makes it easier to create new links for PLCs already on your network (although you still have to actually type in the names).  See the attached screen shot - you have to check the Show New PLCs checkbox and then sort the table by Name (first column - click on the Name header).  Double click each <new PLC> entry to name/connect.