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Author Topic: Known Critical Issues in Do-more Designer as of March 9, 2022  (Read 4303 times)


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2.9.1 - Read Program from PLC misinterprets Array of Structure BYTE or WORD fields in parameters of instructions.  For example, SDT[V42].Year as a parameter comes back as an invalid element/instruction.  SDT[V42].Month comes back as SDT[V42].Day.  Normal and nested structure parameters are fine ($Now.Year is OK), just certain fields of arrays.  When connecting to a PLC with those types of parameters, you will either see an invalid instruction or the parameter change - so the PLC Program would be flagged as being different from the .dmd Disk copy of the Project if they are linked together.
This issue was fixed in Designer 2.9.2 and most recent version is available here.

2.9.1 - Pasting nested UDT logic fails.  Online Status of UDTs can fail after you make changes to the UDT definition (i.e. Designer's Memory Configuration is temporarily Incompatible with the PLC's MC, but PLC Status tries to work with the modified Designer copy).
These issues were fixed in Designer 2.9.2 and most recent version is available here.

For information on the new features in Do-more Designer 2.9, look here:
Announcing Designer 2.9 Software

Click here for a list of older Known Criticial Issues in older versions of Designer.

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