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Author Topic: Announcing Do-more Designer 2.9  (Read 2955 times)


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Announcing Do-more Designer 2.9
« on: February 17, 2022, 05:02:41 PM »

Version 2.9 contains the following new features.  View the Updates.pdf file for complete details about all the new features available for Do-more PLCs in 2.9.
  • Modbus I/O Scanner for up to 32 different Modbus/TCP and/or Modbus/RTU slaves, with individual sets of Read and Write Modbus addresses integrated into the PLC's I/O scan (similar to Ethernet I/O and EtherNet/IP).  Eliminates the need for a bunch of MRX/MWX instructions that continuously poll all of your Modbus slave devices.  Also includes some pre-defined common Modbus Device Profiles (great for duplicate slave types).  Can work with your UDTs (see Nested Structures below) and has a debug utility (Debug->Modbus Scanner Monitor)

  • Nested Structures within User Data Types, like a TMR struct inside a RecipeStruct Recipe42.CookTimer.Acc or a String inside a WidgetStruct Widget[V0].Name

  • Element Field Auto-Complete ID Edit automatically selects the ID range in the edit field so that you just need to start typing the ID.

  • Documentation Editor supports Text Filter Mechanism on Nickname, Extra Info, and/or Description fields

  • Structure Memory View supports Editing

  • New Instructions:
    • MSREGRD - Modbus Scanner I/O Register Read and MSREGWR - Modbus Scanner I/O Register Write used with Modbus I/O Scanner for non-polling device parameters (not part of I/O scan) where it only needs to be done once or on an event like writing configuration parameters.

    • HSEDGE - Precise Edge to Edge Timing provides Ladder Logic reference to your BRX High Speed Timer function.

    • HSCNT - High Speed Counting provides Ladder Logic reference to your BRX High Speed Counter function.

    • HSPULSEC - Catch Pulse Input provides Ladder Logic reference to your BRX High Speed Pulse Catch function.

There are many more features added in Do-more 2.9 available across all Do-more PLCs (BRX, 205, Terminator, and Simulator).  For a complete list, see the most recent Updates.pdf file for more details.

To download the latest version of Do-more Designer (it's free), click here to go to the Do-more Designer download page.

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