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Author Topic: EXAMPLE: Detect a Leap Year and specify last of February (Suggestion?)  (Read 614 times)


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Had to create a quick function to detect a leap year to run functions on the last day of the month.
Searched the manual really quick and did not find any reference, so made a quick MATH instruction and inserted a formula.

This formula outputs the total days in February, which is then compared to determine if we have 365 or 366 days for other functions.

YearToCheck: Unsigned Word or other numeric representing the year to compare (4-digit)

Code: [Select]
IF((YearToCheck % 4) != 0, 28, IF(((YearToCheck % 400) == 0) | ((YearToCheck % 100) != 0), 29, 28))

Suggestion: Add to the SDT/UDT structure the days in February calculated without addon code?

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