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Author Topic: Do-More Email Device Story FYI  (Read 674 times)


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Do-More Email Device Story FYI
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:02:47 PM »
I have a Do-More with DMD 1.4 that has had an email device running for years. It was configured to send emails on very rare occasions using an account I had setup with using our domain, basically on a shutdown or some other catastrophic failure on the equipment its on that runs 24/7/365, and it also does a DNS lookup for a time server to adjust the clock periodically. Recently two changes to our network took place. 1. We went to a Fortinet firewall and switches that are managed by an IT service company. 2. Our ISP instituted changes to our email service that I don't fully understand. These two upsets took place over the course of the same week. Being what serves as our excuse for an IT guy, this caused a bunch of headaches for me, as folks email clients stopped working, normal internet connections started flaking out periodically, and we actually had our domain emails get blocked a couple times by our ISP's upstream host RackSpace. Once the dust finally cleared, we had a system shutdown, and lo and behold no emails. Looking at the Do-More showed that the email client had an SMTP Timed Out Error, and the DNS Lookup for the time server was failing every time ( Nobody really noticed this as the clock doesn't really lose much anyway). I contacted the network people, and asked about the firewall, the only thing that had changed was the default gateway address. Fixing that fixed the DNS Lookup, but not the email issue. I contacted the ISP and spent hours with tech support explaining how the Email device is configured, and that I could either enter an IP manually, or do a DNS lookup on the URL, that the DNS lookup on the server URL returns an IP, but the IP never works. I finally convinced them to provide me with an IP address, but that didn't work either. After we went round and round, I\they threw up their hands and I gave up. I decided to give Gary Shortt's method a try for setting up Gmail and now I have it working. (Gary, if you are reading this thank you.) Anyway short story long, anybody have any thoughts?
From the for what it's worth department: I've read that BRX has an improved Email client, so I fired up the most recent DMD I have, 2.6, and used the simulator. Setup an Email device using all the same settings. I typed the URL of our email server in, and it worked immediately. *Edit*
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