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Author Topic: Can no longer connect to my H2-ECOM100's through web interface  (Read 1443 times)


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I can't connect to any of my H2-ECOM100's through the web interface anymore to change the Peerlink setup. I have 5 of them on the network on Do-More PLC racks and all of them give me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

The problem is, I have a new BRX PLC to add to the network which I want to broadcast on block 5 but none of the PLC's using ECOM100's can see it's data. The Do-More's that have a single rack and are directly connected to the network can. So I believe it's a problem with the ECOM100's setup. Or, the ECOM100's can't receive BRX peerlink broadcasts and need a firmware update, which I can't do without a plant shutdown.


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Re: Can no longer connect to my H2-ECOM100's through web interface
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2020, 08:45:47 AM »
If you can ping these H2-ECOM100s, but can't see them with the Internet browser, then it is probably the default setting on the H2-ECOM100. Try to use NetEdit3 and see if you can change this flag.
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