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Author Topic: February, 2017 - Announcing the release of BRX line of Micro PLCs  (Read 10983 times)


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Host Engineering is pleased to announce its first complete line of PLCs, BRX (for more details, see  All of the various BRX Micro PLC Units (MPUs) use stackable option modules, with built-in Power Supply and a Do-more Driven CPU, varying in size from no onboard I/O, up thru 36 points of onboard I/O.  Many of the MPUs support up to 8 stackable modules, able to handle over 160 I/O locally (Ethernet units can support thousands of I/O via Ethernet I/O).  Many MPUs have at least two analog I/O channels onboard!

The mix of Power-Supply, I/O Count, Input Types, Output Types, and Ethernet option in the BRX line result in 38 different MPU models (sub-types).  The new File->New->Offline Project dialog box in Do-more Designer PLC programming software highlights the key differences between MPU sub-types, helping to make the selection easier (click here to see some of the features in Do-more Designer 2.0).

BRX Expansion Modules - Initially, the BRX line of PLCs supports 27 different I/O modules (more modules planned):
  • 10 different Discrete Input modules
  • 12 different Discrete Output modules
  • 5 different Discrete Input/Output Combination modules
Coming soon:
  • 8 different Analog Input modules
  • 4 different Analog Output modules
  • Other expansion modules are in work

General BRX Micro PLC Features

  • Micro-SD Slot - every BRX MPU model has a micro SD card slot for storing or accessing data files in standard disk format readable by PCs.  Start with the simple FILELOG instruction that allows allow you to log sets of data at various time intervals or on event, or perform complete read/write file access using one of the other 11 FILE**** instructions (FILEOPEN, FILEREAD, FILEWRITE, FILECLOSE, FILEDEL, FILECOPY, FILENEWFLDR,  FILEQUERY, FILESYSCMD, FILESEEK, FILETRUNC).  The EMAIL instruction has been enhanced to allow you to add a file attachment from the BRX micro SD card or the RAM-drive file system.
  • Built-in Ethernet Port (available on some models) - supports all the traditional Do-more PLC Ethernet protocols: Programming, HMI, PEERLINK, Do-more to Do-more, DirectLOGIC Master/Slave, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Ethernet I/O, EtherNet/IP, SMTP, SNTP, DNS, Ping, raw UDP, raw TCP, et. al.
  • Pluggable Option  Modules (POMs) - every BRX MPU model contains a POM slot.  This slot is hot-swappable with various POM modules, allowing you to have dynamic functionality when needed (like during commissioning or maintenance), or as a permanent option: Ethernet, USB, RS-232 RJ-12, RS-232 3 Pin, RS-485
  • Onboard High Speed Inputs (up to 250kHz, available on most models) - High Speed Counting (Up, Down, Quad, Bi-directional, Up-Down), High Speed Timing (Single Edge, Dual Edge), Interrupts (Discrete Input Event of Rising/Falling/Either with optional Hi/Lo Level "permissives" of any/all other onboard inputs)
  • Onboard High Speed Outputs (up to 250kHz, available on most models) - Axis Motion (Step/Direction, Clock-wise/Counter-clock-wise, Quadrature emulation) using various AX**** instructions (AXJOG, AXHOME, AXPOSTRAP, AXPOSSCRV, AXVEL, AXGEAR, AXFOLLOW, AXCAM,; up to 4 Axis (1 virtual Axis, up to 3 tied to actual outputs); Pulse Width Modulation configured at runtime via the PWM structure members; Table Driven Output using TDO* instructions (Programmable Limit Switch; Preset Table script of various Set, Reset, Toggle, Pulse On, Pulse Off after micro-second duration)
  • Onboard Analog Configuration (available on most of the Ethernet models) - fully and independently configure each analog channel’s electrical characteristics, so there is no need to qualify these when purchasing: current vs. voltage, unipolar vs. bipolar, voltage range, resolution (14, 15, 16 bits), optionally scale WX raw analog input to new RX (Real Analog Input) or from new RY (Real Analog Output) to raw WY analog output, with or without clamping
  • Interrupt Triggers - three different types: Discrete Input Events, Time (recurrent or one-time), or Match Register.  There are 4 of each type of trigger.
  • Interrupt Service Routines (ISRs) - a new kind of code-block.  There can be up to 20 ISRs, each can be associated with any of the 12 Triggers (configurable statically in the System Configuration, or completely configurable at runtime using the INTCONFIG instruction).  Use the Immediate Output Coil Instructions OUTI, SETI, and RSTI within your ISRs.  On-board X discrete inputs are always Immediate within an ISR (no need for special instructions/contacts).
  • Onboard Discrete Input Filters - default to 10 milliseconds (comparable to typical inputs to an 06), but can support High Speed pulse frequencies of up to 250 kHz when set to 0 nanoseconds.
  • Manufactured in the USA - All of the BRX Micro PLC Units, Discrete I/O expansion modules, and Pluggable Option Modules (POMs) are designed, developed, and manufactured here in Tennessee by Host Engineering.  Even the plastic is manufactured here in Tennessee.

This is just a small list of the features available.  Visit to learn more about the new BRX line of Micro PLCs by Host Engineering and AutomationDirect!
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