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Author Topic: Unable to set Watchdog Pattern in EBC100  (Read 9246 times)


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Unable to set Watchdog Pattern in EBC100
« on: January 19, 2016, 02:04:30 PM »
I am calling HEIWriteSetupData to set the watchdog on an EBC100 with numerous modules attached.
I am using C# using the old VB code as a guide.

This is my call:
result = HEI.HEIWriteSetupData(ref aDevices[did], DT_LINK_MONITOR, ref tBuffer[0], tBuffersize);

I can get it to set the watchdog to 5 seconds and set all outputs off by sending (this works):
88 12 00 00     500ms timer
00              turn off outputs when it fires
FF              termination

I am not sure what I should be sending if instead I desire a pattern to be set upon watchdog timeout.
The part that is unclear is the data buffer.

The data buffer is 251 bytes.  and says I should use the same format as for the HEIWriteIO call.
Does that mean I need to fill the Data[251] buffer (of the LinkMonitor structure) with:
B1 00      header
00 01      slot ID
04         digital output
255        num bytes
00 00      ....  data
FF         termination

So, in total, what I am actually attempting to send is:
88 12 00 00    5000ms timer            Timeout
01             use pattern             Mode
B1 00          header   (A)            Data[0][1]
00 01          slot ID  (B)            Data[2][3]
04             digital output          Data[4]
255            num bytes               Data[5]
00 00          ....  data              Data[...]
FF             termination

1) Should I be leaving out the header (A) and/or slot ID (B)? 
2) Do I just append the other modules starting at the (B) line above and just ensure I end with 0xFF?
I am confused where it starts.  Should I just be starting at the data and ignore the header and slot info?


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Re: Unable to set Watchdog Pattern in EBC100
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2016, 10:06:15 AM »
it looks like you are doing it correctly. the "data" portion is formatted exactly like a WriteIO packet:

B1 00
Slot, Type, NumBytes, Data
Slot, Type, NumBytes, Data
Slot, Type, NumBytes, Data


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