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Author Topic: Example: Simulator - Dancer Controlled Winder  (Read 2282 times)

Mike Nash

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Example: Simulator - Dancer Controlled Winder
« on: December 31, 2016, 11:08:56 AM »
This is a crude but working simulator for a simple winder. It has no unwind section.


  • Start Stop PB controls for spindle and line and a core reset PB.
  • Master Reference for the lead section nip roller.
  • Calculation of footage through nip and wound on spindle to create diameter build and dancer position.
  • Dancer simulation
  • PID control of dancer position via reference to spindle speed.
  • Diameter calculation from web thickness and wound footage for feedback simulation.
  • Diameter calculation from nip and spindle speeds for real world emulation.
  • Dancer position "upset" PBs to assist with response tuning.
  • Adjustable line ramp rate, PID gain versus line speed, web thickness, core diameter, Max FPM, etc.

Unzip the file to get a functioning setup that should load and run the simulator inside Do-more Designer.

Hopefully it will pull in all the parameters, a data view, PID view and 2 trends.

It is not optimally tuned. I have been finding high gain and no reset (integral) to be the most responsive and stable. Low gain and fast (low) reset tends to be unstable. Rate is iffy at best.

Features not included yet:

Stiction, backlash, accel/decel ramps inside the "drives".
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