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Author Topic: DL06 with H0-Ctrio-2  (Read 7438 times)


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DL06 with H0-Ctrio-2
« on: May 16, 2016, 08:44:13 PM »
I have setup a Dynamic Positioning Plus profile with encoder feedback for positioning. When I let the H0-Ctrio2 run to v-memory(v3000) i see v-memory encoder feedback(v2000) plus minus 3 or 4 of v3000 which is consistent... So If v3000 is 1000 - I get 1003-1004 in v2000..

So if I start a profile, v3000 as the target, suspending the pulses keeping the enable bit set, then restart pulses I see v2000 not receiving the target pulses back from the encoder to match v3000..  If v3000 is 1000 - v2000 is 978 or various numbers under the v3000. meaning the encoder(v2000) has not pulsed out the target pulses... or maybe it has ????

If I had a 1/2 moon shaped cam 180 degrees. a bearing is placed at 12:00. I rotate the cam ccw so the cam travels 180* or 6:00.  the distance lets say is 12"s or 1000 encoder pulses from 12 to 6.. If I stop the rotation of the cam 10 times I still get 12"s or 1000 encoder pulses..

But what I seeing is that if I run the profile I get my 12" or 1000 encoder pulses..   

But If I suspend the profile 10 times I get 11"s or 978 or 982 or 968 encoder pulses..

I have not put this into use so I am only going on what i see back into the v-memory..

So how do I get my 1000 pulses feedback when suspending the profile to match my 1/2 moon example???

if i didn't explain it I will try other ways



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Re: DL06 with H0-Ctrio-2
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2017, 01:09:40 AM »
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