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Author Topic: EBC100 Diagnostic Information  (Read 7791 times)


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EBC100 Diagnostic Information
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:52:56 AM »
I have a T1H-EBC100 Controller that I am having problems on in the field (working intermittently).  I want to look at the diagnostic information for the module as shown in the manual, starting at register 37001.  I am using both Modscan and/or your Modbus TCP Master and can not get any diagnostic data either on the system in the field or on my unit here in the shop.  When trying to read the registers, I get successful communication but all data is zero.

My question is can I get diagnostic information to help address this intermittent problem?  If so, is the addressing shown correct?

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Re: EBC100 Diagnostic Information
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2015, 03:55:52 PM »
My personal recommendation is to connect to the controller with NetEdit3 and look at the packet information (Lost packets, Retries, etc).  If the packet information looks good, then you most likely have some other hardware issue such as the power or a wire connection issue.