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Author Topic: HO-ECOM to C-More Nak from PLC  (Read 3128 times)

Larry W

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HO-ECOM to C-More Nak from PLC
« on: December 27, 2007, 06:31:59 PM »
I just updated the firmware in the c-mores and had a new program downloaded and started to get the message--Nak recieved from PLC.  I went back and downloaded the old program but the message still comes up now.  I changed out the e-comm and have the latest firmware installed.  I am on a level one network which has 7 DL06, 6 c-more and contrologix but untill now I had no trouble.  It is still updating the screens since I put the old program on, with the new program it froze the e-com card so I could see it in net-edit but trying to see the PLC it would say I was in trouble.  Should note that this is the second e-com card in the PLC I was using just to talk to the c-more screens, I use the other for programming and recieving information from our level 2 system.  Any Ideas? ???  DAY 2---Now I am getting this message from another PLC but it is not updating the screens.  We use this to monitor temperatures on a process line so I really need any ideas.
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