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Author Topic: H2-ERM100 shows available on AutomationDirect site (surprised me)  (Read 28968 times)


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This morning.. the H2-ERM100 showed as available on AutomationDirect site. That surprised me as I didn't know the hardware was that far along.

Looked through the modified documentation and saw no mention of configuring through DoMore Designer, but rather the ERM Workbench tool. So, obviously it's not DoMore compliant yet...

Question is, is this the final hardware that will eventually be DoMore compliant (provided it receives a firmware upgrade)? It is safe to purchase the one available for sale on the site now...and then be assured that it will be DoMore compliant (perhaps DoMore Aware is a better word) with just a simple H2-ERM100 Firmware Upgrade and DoMore Designer Release Upgrade?



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Re: H2-ERM100 shows available on AutomationDirect site (surprised me)
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 12:02:58 PM »
The existing ERM and ERM Workbench both currently support Do-more, except the mappings allow you to map only to DLX, DLY, DLC, and DLV Do-more areas.

The ERM100 will be similar in that you will continue to utilize ERM Workbench for configuration (not Designer), but will also be able to map the I/O to the native Do-more data blocks like X, Y, C, V, WX and WY.

However, NEITHER of these is similar to how the built-in Ethernet I/O will work with Do-more 1.1 with the H2-DM1E CPU out its built-in Ethernet port, where the Ethernet I/O will be NATIVELY supported by the DM1E Do-more CPU and Do-more Designer (hence, no need for ERM module nor ERM Workbench).  So the Ethernet I/O will automagically show up among your X, Y, WX, and WY I/O configuration, just like your local native I/O.