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Author Topic: Do-more Examples  (Read 11852 times)


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Do-more Examples
« on: October 19, 2012, 12:41:39 PM »
In short, Do-more is powerful. It can do many things that may not be immediately obvious, things which may not be explicitly spelled out in the help system or manual, and things that would likely be beyond the scope of AutomationDirect's normal technical support function. Host will be using this board to present and support examples of some of the more advanced things that Do-more can do.

Please refer all requests for support of these examples to Host, here in this board. While I'm sure that ADC's techs would love to help you, in many cases they are not familiar with the examples, and in many cases we are doing some pretty advanced things that Host is simply better able to support.

Host does not write customer programs, and truthfully, you don't want us to...but...if there is something you'd like to see an example for, please let us know.

It probably bears mentioning that these examples are here for your education...not for running your machine. The user takes full responsibility for use of the these examples! You break your machine, we will be very sad for you, but we cannot accept responsibility for it. I know that sounds unpleasant, but the world has gotten kinda stupid in the last 50 years and common sense is in remarkably short supply.
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